Explore Cyprus By Sea

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Cyprus - Our island

Larnaca bay is the biggest bay of the island. From there guests are able to explore many destinations such as Cape Pyla with the high red cliffs which fall into the crystal clear blue water, ideal spot for snorkelling, Ayia Napa coast and Pervolia Area where are located many sandy beaches for swimming and relaxation.

Psarolimano – Cape Pyla – Cape Greco

Starting from Psarolimano fish port heading to Cape Pyla where stands a breathtaking landscape with red rocky cliffs ending into the blue. Towards we will cruise along the coast of Ayia Napa where there are located several unique geological monuments like Sea Caves and Lover’s Bridge and final we will anchor at Blue Lagoon in Cape Greco, which is a National forest park, ideal for for swimming snorkelling in the crystal clear waters and relaxation on board

  1. Psarolimano
  2. Cape Pyla
  3. Cape Greco

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